Women Ministry

Welcome to UAFC HOPE to You Women Ministry

The Women’s Ministry is an opportunity for the local church to use the power of Jesus Christ to touch the lives of women through outreach, discipleship and strong fellowship. We are blessed to have a group of dedicated women who are making a significant difference in their world by devoting their time, talents and finances to promote the kingdom of God.

This ministry embraces women of all ages, professions and social standings. This is a ministry for mothers from all walks of life. Married women, single mothers, widowed or divorced – all are welcome. The Ministry cultivates an environment where women can learn to mentor women, experience Biblical love, and share gifts and talents. Our Women’s Ministry creates an atmosphere where women can realize spiritual maturity. It endeavours to develop their leadership skills, and lead them to minister in the local church, their community and the world. The more women who are involved, the more can be accomplished for the kingdom of God. It is here that women come to realize what they are capable of doing in the ministry, and here that every woman will be ministered to, according to her need.

Women Ministry


PR N Mahlangu

Lead Pastor

Elder M Sono

Deputy Chairwoman

Ayanda Radebe


Elder S Mahlangu