Youth Ministry

Welcome to UAFC HOPE to You Youth Ministry

This is a Youth Ministry for young people between ages 18 – 25, high school and university singles. They meet in small groups of 15 -25 youths, called “Hebrews." Each family has an identity name and leader.

Within the youth, there are other departments that include Drama, Dance, Games, Sports and Intercessors. Each youth has an opportunity to serve and use his or her gifts and talents for the glory of God. Youth seminars and conferences are held to keep the youth busy and excited in the things of God.

Over the years, many youths have graduated from this department and today some are our pastors and leaders in other churches. These are youths who have chosen to be different and who challenge the norms of their culture by living for Christ. They meet every first and third Sunday afternoon of the month together in the different family groups

Youth Ministry


Kentse Moshimane

Youth Leader