Our History

The “United Apostolic Faith Church (UAFC)”, denomination was founded at a time of the new Pentecostal awakening in the early 20th century. The life and ministry of Pastor James Brooke is another mighty witness to the Pentecostal experience and the restoration of the Apostolic gifts to the body of Christ in the twentieth century.

On 9 February 1955, the head of the South African state, D F Malan, sent two thousand policemen armed with sten guns and rifles. They destroyed Sophiatown and removed 60 000 inhabitants. People who settled in Sophiatown were moved to Meadowlands and George Goch in Dube, which formed a part of Soweto. The removal of people and the destruction of Sophiatown took place from 1955 to 1960.

In 1965 Pastor Elijah Mngadi and Pastor Morake after being moved to George Goch in Dube, Soweto they established a UAFC branch; which they pastored till late 1968. Pastor Mngadi moved back to KwaZuluNatal where he originally comes from and Pastor Morake went to Sebokeng, where he assisted Pastor Selai in Sebokeng Zone 11 to establish the UAFC Branch there.

1969 In January 1969, Apostle Jackson Mononyane and the then General Overseer, Leornard Brooke, deployed Pastor Ernest Lerato Mahlangu and his wife Tilly to be the organizing pastors of a new church plant in Dube, Soweto. Upon arriving in Soweto with his wife and children, Pastor Ernest eagerly began knocking on doors, literally about the new church plant.

By the end of summer, a nucleus of about 30 people had been brought together around the Word of God and the first formal worship service and Sunday School began on Sunday, May 11, 1969 in a classroom at Sizanani Primary School in Dube.

Pastor Ernest developed a strong biblical counselling and discipling ministry, which strongly characterized UAFC Dube for many years. Two years later they constructed a Church building with the assistance from the UAFC Headquarters in England. The United Apostolic Faith Church Dube Branch started to grow bountifully. Today, many are now Pastors in different Ministries across South Africa.

In 1982 Pastor Ernest Mahlangu arranged for the ordination of Pastor Klaas Molekwa; and he passed away in 1983 after a long illness from Leukaemia (cancer that affects the blood and bone marrow).

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1983 March of 1983, Apostle Klaas Molekwa took over as the Senior Pastor of United Apostolic Faith Church Dube Branch after the passing away of Pastor EL Mahlangu. Apostle Molekwa previously served as a National Youth Chairperson of the United Apostolic Faith Church, South Africa before being called to pastor at UAFC Dube.

God continued His work with the little church. Apostle Klaas Molekwa has a tremendous passion for God’s Word coupled with a love for God’s people. He is gifted by the Holy Spirit in the area of teaching and preaching. His vision is uncompromisingly clear, with one central principle: to build, develop and advance the kingdom of God. Apostle Klaas Molekwa has travelled Europe, Africa, North America, USA and Israel, proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Apostle Klaas Molekwa ministered at UAFC Dube as a pastor until God elevated him into the office of the District Minister within our Church, UAFC. He served into that office faithfully and diligently until his retirement in October 2016. He is currently sitting as an Apostle in the UAFC Southern Africa Executive Council.

2012 On the 19th of August 2012 Apostle Klaas Molekwa ordained Pastors Sipho and his wife Nthabiseng to become his successors as pastors at UAFC Dube. This ordination was ratified by the UAFC Southern Africa General Overseer, Apostle Russell Peters, at the Central Region Conference Presbytery in September 2012 which was held at the UAFC Headquarters in Pretoria.

Pastors Sipho and Nthabiseng Mahlangu took Christ literally when He said in Mark 16:15, “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all creation”. They both were READY to spread the Word of God, heal the sick by the Power of the Holy Spirit, help and encourage others. Their mission is a God-birthed passion to bring people into a vital saving relationship with Jesus Christ. They have two adorable daughters, Ndumiso and Awande, and a Son Othandwa.

Pastors Sipho Mahlangu, his wife, Nthabiseng, and the Elders of the Church developed a new vision called VISION2019, which also included a commitment to renovate and expand the Church facilities. It was during this time that the congregation decided to rename the Dube Branch to UAFC HOPE to You, which embodied who we are and who we always want to be; a growing Church bringing HOPE to our growing community.

It was also during this period that our Church internet radio station was founded, JOYOUS RADIO, the benefit of internet radio for our Church are to amplify our prayers, gospel, and sermons to over 20 000 people online and engage with an ever growing community of followers. There are over 3 billion active users on the internet. The number of people who have access online is only increasing year on year, so it was important for us to extend our reach as soon as we could, through our internet radio.

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