Welcome to UAFC HOPE to You Church

Every congregation has a unique profile and unique gifts that cannot be measured simply by counting heads. UAFC HOPE to You Church is committed to playing its role; serving our local communities as we seek to provide answers and hope that only Christ-centered care and the message of Jesus can bring. Countless stories of lives being uplifted, relationships restored and personal transformation have followed us.

We are incredibly thankful for the volunteers who serve in our churches and communities each week. Those who serve in children’s ministry, youth ministry, women ministry, worship, pastoral care and our community care programs including outreach programs and evangelism.

We serve an amazing and awesome God! The journey of our Church gives witness to the mighty hand of God. Instead of gazing endlessly into the past, it is our desire for God to continue His mighty work in and through our Church. Our relationship with Him is never static and does not cease with our past experiences. Finally, in all of the challenges and possibilities that confront us, the church is not staff, buildings or budgets; it is people – you and me – called and gifted by God, all of us unique and all of us needed. Let us trust God and do the ministry which God has entrusted to us.

Dr Sipho & Nthabiseng Mahlangu

Lead Pastors | UAFC HOPE to You Church

who are we

Our Core Beliefs

We believe the Bible is the infallible Word of God given by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and God’s revealed Word to man.

We believe that scriptures teach that there is only one true and living God who has chosen to reveal Himself as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

We believe that all men everywhere are lost and face the judgment of God, and need to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through His shed blood on the cross.

We believe Christ rose from the dead and is coming soon.

We believe that the baptism in the Holy Spirit is given to believers who ask for it.

We believe the redemptive work of Christ on the cross provides healing for the human body in answer to believing prayer.

We believe in Holy Christian living and that we must have concern for the hurts and social needs of our fellowmen.

We believe in using every modern means of communication available to us to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

who are we

Our Core Values

Before we look at our vision, it's important to consider the values that define who we are.

Our cultural identity is found in our values. Abbreviated F I H L E (which is to hide in english)

They embody our distinct culture as wee seek to live out God's Kingdom in our world. Each of these values connect us us with our past and provide a constant foundation of guiding principles in an ever changing culture.


To read God’s word, study it, meditate on it, and obey it.Dedicated to undertake God’s work using our energies, innovations, and collective resources.


Through truthfulness, sincerity, and honesty in our thoughts, words, and deed.


Grace in serving the Lord and His children.


For God, our Church, our families, our community and the World.


Strive to excel in every aspect of our Church and approach every challenge with determination to succeed. Excellence honors God and inspires people.

“I have two great passions: one is to build the Church of Jesus Christ and the other is to lift the lives of people and help them fulfil their potential in life.”

-Dr Sipho Mahlangu, Lead Pastor, UAFC HOPE to You Church